Born in Munich, Germany, Axel Muench began working as a photographer before cameras went digital. After graduating from college, he began his photography career in Stuttgart, Germany at a large photography studio where he worked with precision in the world of still life photography—photographing everything from food to cars for major advertising firms in Germany.

In his mid-20s, he relocated to Hamburg and transitioned to fashion photography. He spent the next decade traveling throughout Europe and the United States photographing for German advertising campaigns and German catalogs. By the time he was thirty, he was already a partner in a boutique advertising agency where he acted as both Art Director and Photographer and handled all aspects of producing large campaigns and catalogs including planning, photography and art direction with shoots scheduled for over 280 days per year in locations throughout the US, Europe and Africa from Miami, New York, and Los Angeles to Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and Greece, plus the Bahamas, the Canary Islands, and South Africa.

In his mid- to late thirties, after years of traveling the world and living in hotels for the majority of that time, he opened his own award-winning design and marketing firm with his wife, and they both relocated from New York City to Los Angeles, where they live with their three young children and a cat named Theodore.

Today, he splits his time between user experience design and photography, both of which he approaches with a focus on simplicity and beauty. His goal in any photography session is to capture a person’s true essence in the best light possible and enjoy the process.